Know about rubber foam board

Rubber foam insulation board has beautiful appearance, clean, environmental protection, convenient construction, sound insulation and good thermal insulation effect. Because it has an independent and compact air chamber, it effectively insulates sound, and can be used in projects requiring quiet environment or noise reduction. The sound insulation with it will neither stimulate the skin of the human body nor endanger the health of the body.

In addition, it also has thermal insulation effect, its independent fine foaming structure, can not form air convection, thermal conductivity is very small, and also has the effect of corrosion prevention, is a high-quality thermal insulation material.

Because rubber foam insulation board has strong sound insulation effect and its thermal conductivity < 0,0.325W/MK, like a warm pot, it is not easy to spread heat, the temperature of the external environment is difficult to affect the internal temperature, the internal temperature will not be absorbed, thus retaining the temperature inside.

Based on the above characteristics, this product has been widely used in various types of water vapor pipelines or central air conditioning refrigeration rooms, buildings, ships, vehicles and other industries for heat preservation and insulation, and has achieved ideal results.

Because of the soft and flexibility-resistant properties of this material, it can be processed to make fitness equipment, medical equipment, daily necessities of the handle, expansion. Easy and fast installation, soft material, easy construction and installation. For the installation of pipeline, it can be installed together with the pipeline and the installation schedule, or be cut open and then bonded with professional glue. For complex shapes such as valves, elbows, tees, etc., the sheets and pipes are cut according to the actual requirements, and then packed according to different shapes for bonding.