Use of glass wool products in air conditioning thermal insulation

Glasswool——this material is a kind of commonly used thermal insulation material at present. Its main properties are as follows: light weight, small density, weight between 1290 kg per cubic metre and different use, low thermal conductivity, generally between 0.034 (w/mk) and different temperature. Corrosion, anti-aging, insoluble in water and organic solvents, resistant to CO2 and SO2 erosion in the air, but because of its high water absorption, the waterproofing performance is poor. And after glass wool absorbing water, the insulation effect will be greatly reduced, even after air-drying can not restore to the original performance. Therefore, glass wool, which has been damped or wet, can no longer be used in places with strict heat preservation requirements.

Glass wool insulation material has been widely used in building, industry and air conditioning for its good thermal insulation and chemical resistance. In air conditioning engineering, it is mainly used for heat transfer loss prevention and condensation insulation of air ducts, refrigerated water pipes and condensation drainage pipes. Because of its low cost and convenient construction, glass wool is used as insulation material in air conditioning system in China at present, accounting for more than 60%.

Due to the high water absorption of glass wool material, not only waterproof and moisture-proof treatment of finished products should be done well in the process of air-conditioning insulation construction, but also the quality should be strictly controlled so as to avoid improper heat preservation, resulting in condensation water in part of the system. The shortcomings of easy water absorption will make the insulation cotton of the whole system damp and scrap. However, due to the convenience of construction, glass wool is still the main insulation material for air duct in air conditioning engineering, so glass wool is still a widely used insulation material in air conditioning engineering.