What is phenolic foam board?

Made of phenolic foam, phenolic foam is known as the "king of insulation materials". It is a new generation of thermal insulation and fire proofing and sound insulation materials. Phenolic foam is a polymer rigid rigid aluminum foil foam product, which is made from thermosetting phenolic resin.

How about phenolic foam board?

Phenolic foam insulation materials have the flame retardant properties compared with inorganic insulation materials. The material will not burn, emit black smoke, soften, drip or change shape when it is sprayed by 1400 ℃. It can reach the performance index of A-class wall insulation material.

Phenolic foam board production line can not only solve the problem of poor fire resistance of other organic insulation materials, but also avoid the damage caused by inorganic thermal insulation materials to human skin, and is a new type of thermal insulation material. Due to its benzene ring structure, phenolic resin is stable in size with a change rate of less than 1%.

And chemical composition is stable, anti-corrosion and anti-aging, especially the ability to resist organic solution, strong acid and weak alkali corrosion. In the production process of foaming, freon is not used as foaming agent, which conforms to the international environmental protection standards, and its molecular structure contains hydrogen, oxygen and carbon elements. When decomposed at high temperature, the spilled gas is non-toxic and tasteless, harmless to human body and environment, and meets the requirements of national environmental protection, Therefore, the phenolic super composite board is an ideal environmental protection and green thermal insulation material with fire prevention, heat insulation, energy saving and beautiful appearance.

Application of phenolic foam board

At present, phenolic foam materials have developed rapidly in developed countries and have been widely used in construction, national defense, foreign trade, storage, energy and other fields. Phenolic resin has accounted for 40% of the insulation and insulation foam used in the construction industry in the United States, and the phenolic foam association has been established in Japan to promote this new material.

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