Influence of novel coronavirus on insulation material industry in 2020

The novel coronavirus has been increasing rapidly since mid December 2019, and the epidemic has spread rapidly across the country. The novel coronavirus pneumonia has become another major epidemic since 2003.

The novel coronavirus's spread scope and intensity are far greater than that of SARS in 2003, and its influence is affected by all provinces and cities in early February. At this critical moment, the whole country worked together to fight against the epidemic. In order to avoid large-scale population flow and aggregation, prevention and control measures such as home isolation and extended Spring Festival holiday were taken. More and more cities are entering the first-class response state, strictly isolating measures, forbidding vehicles to enter and leave, strictly controlling the flow of personnel, and strictly preventing the spread of the epidemic.

It can be predicted that the sudden "new crown" virus has changed the trajectory of short-term economic growth, and it is predicted that the short-term impact of the epidemic on the economy may be greater than "SARS". The epidemic will disrupt the weak stabilization of China's economy by the end of 2019. Under the background of great downward pressure on the economy, breaking 6 is a high probability event, and may break 5 in the first quarter.

One disaster after another novel coronavirus pneumonia China will be a big threat to the thermal insulation industry. The impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia in 2020 will be enormous. But how will it affect the industry? What will happen to the industry? How should the enterprises respond?

We believe that the impact of the epidemic on the insulation material industry will involve all major links and main bodies of the industry chain: the management efficiency of the enterprise will be greatly reduced, the normal commute will be severely frustrated, the production scheduling of the workshop will be seriously disordered, the expansion of outlets will be forced to delay, the marketing will be forced to slow down, the brand building will be forced to adjust, the market sales will be greatly reduced, and the profits of enterprises and employees will be damaged one after another The specific degree of impact on thermal insulation materials depends on the prevention and control effect of new coronavirus, and the severe impact on the first quarter and other short-term is inevitable. The overall situation of China's thermal insulation materials in 2020 depends on the efficiency of new coronavirus prevention and control.

It is suggested that the sales assessment index and rewards and punishments standard of thermal insulation material enterprises in 2020 should be changed from pursuing absolute sales to increasing market share, from storming war to positional war, and from overall planning to decentralization China's novel coronavirus epidemic situation in 2020 accelerated the survival of the fittest in China's insulation materials, and indirectly promoted the transformation and upgrading of China's thermal insulation material industry chain in 2020~2025, from upgrading and strengthening Chinese brands to upgrading and upgrading of China's thermal insulation material industry chain.